This door was once apart of a trailer that resided on SAW property, at first I was using it as an easel  when Nick Squadere ( friend and fellow painter) said " why not paint the door!".  This brought back to mind my unaccomplished goal of creating something that blurred the line between painting and sculpture.  With this spark I conceptualized the idea of making this door function in opposition to its intended purpose and giving it a striking appearance. This gave birth to Ostium; a sculpture, a painting, that grows out the ground  giving to the viewer a portal for their imagination to jump through.    

From Earth We Come

Reflecting on the fact that I essentially "dug my own grave" I was inspired to turn the excavated clay into a workable material that became a 20 piece installation depicting the ever present reality that all humans regardless of perceived differences come from the earth and will ultimately return to it. 

The Hole
Encapsulated here is a moment of catharsis brought forth by digging 3ft.x 3ft.x 6ft. hole in the ground. This repetitive task allowed me the mental space to contemplate life and my art practice. Being physically surrounded by my primary sculpting medium in its natural state in the yard of the professor who taught and encouraged me to pursue ceramics is one of the most impactful experiences of my life. It is this moment I wish share with each and every viewer.